Issue #001 - Spring 2007 (Inaugural)

Patterns - Benjamin J. Picthall
Big Bliss - Tom Maimon
1 Poem - Mark Barkawitz 
Saying my Prayers - Chris Middleman
Nuclear Nostalgia - Verna Doherty
It Doesn't Take a Chicken to Realize - Lauren Lim 
Armageddon - Rachel Maldonado
The World is Falling Apart - Dominick Montalto
The Paragon - Douglas Silver
About that Day - Ashanti White
The Art of Growing Old - Autumn Turley 
Writer's Block - Allison Dunlap
Considering the Outcomes - Frank C.
On the Psychiatric Ward - Christopher Woods
Smokers Taking the Planet for Granted - Dean Maffie
Something About Something - K
A Day on the Other End - Rachel Grisham
Vanessa - Tanya Kathleen Fader
When Does it Start or Learning - Samer Tamimi
Big Bliss - Tom Maimon
Evolution - Maddie Ruud
In Response to the Shooting Death of a Young Man on a City Bus & Clearcut - Gail Sandonato
Ladron - Manuel Valdes  
Robert of Arabia - Rob Garza
Blur - Rick Werner Fahr


Detached Bodies Can Fly - Fiction by Alex Madrigal
Shore Birds - Fiction by Brent Bakeman
Pink Bath Water - Fiction by Lloyd Hudson Frye
Looking Through You

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Life Eats Life —poetry by Joseph Osel

I DREAM OF LOVING —poetry by Luis Cuauhtémoc Berriozábal

at the 24 hour laundry —poetry by Justin Hyde

Mark of the Beast —poetry by Joseph Osel

Surefire Method —poetry by Dennis Paul Wilken