Issue #011 - Fall 2009


A Conversation with Pulizer Prize Winner Stephen Dunn - Joseph Osel
The Sky is a Buetiful Wound: Liz Waldner's Trust Reviewed - Lisbeth Cheever-Gessaman


2 Poems: Race Relations- A Portrait in Motion / Seven Years Bad Luck - Dennis Paul Wilken
5 Poems from Little Commentaries - Suzanne Buffam
2 Poems: Tracks / Walking on Water - Doug Draime
Canker Sore On A Hypocrite's Mouth - Mather Schneider
2 Poems : My Father in a Motel / Bar Music - Rod Tipton
For the Barren Orange Tree - Lisa Marie Basile
2 Poems: Man Tits / A Libertine in Albany - Rebecca Wolff
Sunday - Mercedes Lawry
Blue Sunday - Lyn Lifshin

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