Issue #018 - Fall 2012

Ada Fetters, Editor


Unpackaged: Editor's Note - Ada Fetters 

The Rush of Fools - Emily Lasinsky 
When the Poem Seems Distorted Like A Self-portratit in a Convex Mirror & Three Possible Homophobic Responses to the Note I Found on the Counter Which Reads as Follows - Jonathan Brown
Matriculation Day - D.M. Aderibigbe
Hopeless - David Stockdale
Rosh Hashshana - Matthew Scott Harris
This Time, It was Going to be Me - Scott Laudati
Monday Mourning - Joy Norstrom
This Poem May Evaporate - Florence Weinberger
Misdirected - M.P. Powers
Late June - Spencer Hanvik
The Good, The Bad, and The Lonely - Ivan Jenson
This Ache - Eric Dean
Soil Sun - Eric Hanna
Unoccupied - J. James
Right Before Whatever the Next Thing is Kicks In - D.R. James
Phone Booth & Bon Appetit - Marc Carver
You with the Hair & Sheeps - Margaret Eden Douglas
What Any Mother Would Do - E. Lane Keller
Some Days, Life is Too Hard - Marc Carver
you with the hair - Margaret Eden Douglas
sheeps - Margaret Eden Douglas
bon appetit | by Marc Carver
Sick as a Dog | by Mark Barkawitz