Issue #018 - Fall 2012

Ada Fetters, Editor


Unpackaged: Editor's Note - Ada Fetters 

The Rush of Fools - Emily Lasinsky 
When the Poem Seems Distorted Like A Self-portratit in a Convex Mirror & Three Possible Homophobic Responses to the Note I Found on the Counter Which Reads as Follows - Jonathan Brown
Matriculation Day - D.M. Aderibigbe
Hopeless - David Stockdale
Rosh Hashshana - Matthew Scott Harris
This Time, It was Going to be Me - Scott Laudati
Monday Mourning - Joy Norstrom
This Poem May Evaporate - Florence Weinberger
Misdirected - M.P. Powers
Late June - Spencer Hanvik
The Good, The Bad, and The Lonely - Ivan Jenson
This Ache - Eric Dean
Soil Sun - Eric Hanna
Unoccupied - J. James
Right Before Whatever the Next Thing is Kicks In - D.R. James
Phone Booth & Bon Appetit - Marc Carver
You with the Hair & Sheeps - Margaret Eden Douglas
What Any Mother Would Do - E. Lane Keller
Some Days, Life is Too Hard - Marc Carver
you with the hair - Margaret Eden Douglas
sheeps - Margaret Eden Douglas
bon appetit | by Marc Carver
Sick as a Dog | by Mark Barkawitz

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Life Eats Life —poetry by Joseph Osel

I DREAM OF LOVING —poetry by Luis Cuauhtémoc Berriozábal

at the 24 hour laundry —poetry by Justin Hyde

Mark of the Beast —poetry by Joseph Osel

Surefire Method —poetry by Dennis Paul Wilken