Issue #019 - Winter 2012-2013

The Subversive Structure of Lolita - Sam Lloyd

The Previous Life of Julian Kelly - Alessandro Cusimano‏
We All Know Nothing Lasts - Mary Kay Metz
Twist the Lemon Dry - R.D. McManes
Crying on Jets - Stephen Mead
Tree Fort - Samantha Seto
Vandal - Joshua Lagandaon
Snapshots - Alessandro Cusimano
Myself, in-Progress - Tyler Russell
Keeping the Windows Up in a Black Car - Eric Wang
The Day I Almost Tasted Heaven - Sarah Elizabeth Porter
Guest Bath - Morgan Graham
Broken Blue Bowl - Cari Oleskewicz
The Seaside Dream - Brian Shane
The Bartender - Phillip Larrea
Message of Encouragement for All the Other Left-handed People in the World - Dr. Richard Luftig
Rye - Crawdad Nelson
History - Amber Johnson
Love You More - Jessica Tyner
Doctrine of Pasta Signatures - Lara Dolphin
The Situation - Ivan Jenson
He Had Wings - J.D. Blair
Toilet Story - Natasha Lumba
The GrapeGirl - Carrie Wallace
Adam - Marc Carver
Tradition - Till Gwinn
The Face on the Table (excepted from "Le Lampe A Quitter") - Emily Shevenock
Warm Water - Danny P. Barbare
Thomas Hirsch - Carol Smallwood
September Clothesline - Elizabeth Vignali
IRONY - Favour Onyeoziri
Broken Time Piece - Heidi Bellile
the word of god - Marc Carver
* - Simon Perchik
A Southern Kaddish - Terry Barr