Editor - Ander Soares
Ander Soares is the Editor of The Commonline Journal and a researcher in the Literary, Musical & Visual Thought program at The European Graduate School.  

Head Literary Editor - Joseph Osel
Joseph Osel is a critical theorist, poet and Editor of Imperative Papers. He is the founding Literary Editor of The Commonline Journal and an Editor for Int'J of Radical Critique. He studied Society, Politics, Behavior & Change at The Evergreen State College and Existential-Phenomenology at Seattle University. His forthcoming poetry collection is Catastrophe-In-Miniature: Poetry in Fatal Tense (2016-17). Access his complete bibliography-prospectus.

Senior Literary Editor - Dennis Paul Wilken
Dennis Paul Wilken is a prolific poet, sketch-artist, veteran journalist and Senior Literary Editor for The Commonline Journal. He studied at the University of Cincinnati and is a former Editor of Cincinnati Magazine. His poem "Outcomes" was nominated for the Pushcart Prize in 2011. His last chapbook is called Sweat Off the Diamond (2009). His next chapbook Poetry Factory (2017) is forthcoming from Imperative Papers.

Senior Literary Editor [Poetry Editor #005-06] - Doug Draime
Doug Draime (1943-2015) emerged as a presence in the 'underground' literary movement in the late1960's in Los Angeles, California. A Senior Literary Editor for The Commonline Journal, Draime's books include: Knox County (Kendra Steiner Editions) and Los Angeles Terminal (Covert Press), Boulevards Of Oblivion (Tainted Coffee Press), Farrago Soup (Coatlism Press), and More Than The Alley (Interior Noise Press). Draime was awarded PEN grants in 1987 and 1992. Born in Vincennes, Indiana, Draime lived in the foothills of Oregon since the early 1980's until his death in 2015.

Literary Editor - Luis Cuauhtemoc Berriozabal
Luis Cuauhtémoc Berriozábal is a poet and long-time Literary Editor for The Commonline Journal. His poems in English and Spanish have appeared in many online and print journals. His first book of poetry, Raw Materials (2004) was published by Pygmy Forest Press.  His latest chapbook, Make the Light Mine (2016) was published by Kendra Steiner Editions. Luis was born in Cuernavaca, Morelos, Mexico, works in the mental health field and lives in Los Angeles CA.

Literary Editor - Rob Plath
Rob Plath is a writer and Literary Editor. He is the author of eight chapbooks and three full-length poetry collections. His novel Swallowtude (2016) and his poetry collection The Skeleton Sutras (2016) are both forthcoming from Epic Rites Press. His webpage is

Literary Editor - Justin Hyde
Justin Hyde is a poet and Literary Editor for The Commonline Journal. He is the former Poetry Editor of Thieves Jargon and the author of the chapbooks Down Where the Hummingbird Goes to Die (2008) and Another Casualty at the 34th St. Bus Stop (2009). His last collection of poems is An Elephant Hole (2014, Interior Noise Press). He lives in Iowa and works with criminals. 

Literary Editor - Suchoon Mo
Suchoon Mo is a former Korean Army Lieutenant, a Korean War veteran, and a retired academic living in the semiarid part of Colorado. He is a Literary Editor for The Commonline Journal and his poems and essays appeared in such publications as Bitter Oleander, Religious Humanism, Dissident Editions, Thunder Sandwich, Spillway Review, Subtle Tea, Quill and Ink, Full Moon, Right Hand Pointing, Malleable Jangle, Sentinel Poetry Online, Sage of Consciousness, Word Riot, Tryst, Words Myth, Underground Window, and Subterranean Quarterly. He is a Ph.D. in psychology (experimental) , and is an author of a number of research papers. He is a composer of orchestral music, but he has no formal music education.

Copy Editor - Ginnye Lynn Cubel
Ginnye is the Copy Editor for The Commonline Journal. She's a poet, editor, and coffee addict. You can find more of her work at Indy Girl Press.


Editor-In-Chief (former, 2012-2016) - Ada Fetters
Ada Fetters is the former Editor of The Commonline Journal. She's also edited for The Journal of Humanistic Psychology, Copperwood Review, Humanist Magazine, Niche, Poetry Pacific Magazine, and Pink.Girl.Ink.

Poetry Editor (former, 2010-2012) - Lisa Marie Basile
Lisa Marie Basile is an editor, writer, poet, and former Poetry Editor of The Commonline Journal. She is the author of APOCRYPHAL and a few chapbooks, war/lock (Hyacinth Girl Press) and Andalucia (The Poetry Society of New York). Lisa Marie is the editor-in-chief of Luna Luna Magazine, and she keeps a lifestyle diary at Ingenue X. Her poetry and other work can or will be seen in PANK, the Tin House blog, ColdfrontThe Nervous BreakdownThe Huffington PostBest American PoetryThrushPEN American Center and the Ampersand ReviewThe Atlas Review and others. 

Managing Editor (former, 2011-2012) - Amy Schrader
Amy Schrader holds an MFA in poetry from the University of Washington. She was a recipient of a 2008 Artist Trust Grants for Artist Projects (GAP) award, and her poems have recently appeared in Bateau, Fairy Tale Review, DIAGRAM, RHINO, and Willow Springs. She lives in Seattle, WA.

Editor-In-Chief (former, 2011-2012) - Rod Tipton
Rod Tipton is a writer, photographer and filmmaker from Seattle, Washington. His website is

Editor-In-Chief (former, 2010-2011) - Richard Wink
Poet, Richard Wink is a writer based in Norwich, England. Widely published Wink has previously published five collections of poetry from popular publishing houses including: All along the Wensum (Kendra Steiner Editions) and The Magnificent Guffaw (Erbacce Press), Apple Road (ditchpoetry) and Trainwreck Press. His words have been featured in renowned periodicals such as Aesthetica Magazine, Decanto and 3:AM Magazine. As an essayist he regularly contributes to Slurve Magazine and On Topic Magazine. He also edits the enigmatic litzine Gloom Cupboard.

Literary Editor (former, 2009-2010) - Julie M. Tate
Julie M. Tate is a freelance artist and journalist currently residing in Tulsa, OK though she considers Chicago home. Her poetry has been featured in numerous anthologies including The Great American Poetry Show and is the owner, author and editor of Gossip and the Devil, a creative/lifestyle blog focused on poetry, vicodin, jetsetting and boys with brown eyes.

Developmental Editor (2007-2008) - Kate Crowe
Kate Crowe is a writing professor at The Evergreen State College in Olympia, Washington where she has been teaching for over twenty years. Kate sponsored the initial development of The Commonline Journal as an interdisciplinary literary study and provided editorial oversight in for the journal's first six issues.


Contributing Editor - Arlene Ang
Arlene Ang lives in Spinea, Italy. Her poetry has appeared in alice blue, Anemone Sidecar, Caffeine Destiny, DMQ Review and Staple Magazine. She received the 2006 Frogmore Poetry Prize (UK) and serves as a poetry editor for The Pedestal Magazine and Press 1.

Contributing Editor- Suzanne Buffam 
Suzanne Buffam is the author of Past Imperfect (Anansi, 2005), a poetry collection which won the Gerald Lampert Memorial Award in 2006. She teaches creative writing at the University of Chicago.

Contributing Editor - Michael Cirelli
Michael Cirelli is the Executive Director of Urban Word NYC and the author of Lobster with Ol’ Dirty Bastard (Hanging Loose, 2008) and Vacations on the Black Star Line (Hanging Loose, 2009). He was featured on season 5 of Russell Simmons Def Poetry, and has his MFA in poetry from the New School. His newest collection, The Situation: Jersey Shore Poems, is forthcoming from Penmanship Books. 

Contributing Editor - A.F. Cronin
A.F.Cronin was born and raised in New England where he spent many hours roaming the woods and participating in sports. He also loved to read. He attended university and studied literature which did little more that confuse him, as the highly intellectual "deconstructivist" approach seemed to drain the literature of it's beauty and mystery.

Contributing Editor - Marc Carver
Marc Carver has published six books of poetry and works as an Editor for a site in New York. He has had about three hundred poems published around the world but most of all he hopes people enjoy his work and it inspires them to pick up the pen and turn the tv off.

Contributing Editor - Mike Dell'Aquila
Mike Dell’Aquila is the co-founder and editor of Farmhouse Magazine ( He graduated from Penn State University with a BA in English and is currently pursuing a master’s degree in English at Brooklyn College. His writing has appeared in Kalliope: A Penn State Literary Magazine, Barcid Homily, The Riverside Press-Enterprise, Buckmasters Magazine, The Outdoor Channel Magazine and Farmhouse Magazine. He is also recently completed his first novel.

Contributing Editor - Howie Good
Howard Good has taught journalism for 20 years at SUNY New Paltz, where he has been an innovative teacher and prolific author. His writings have gained him a national reputation for his expertise on issues ranging from media ethics to literary journalism to the administration of local public schools. He is the author of 11 books.

Contributing Editor - John Grochalski
John Grochalski is the author of The Noose Doesn’t Get Any Looser After You Punch Out (Six Gallery Press 2008), Glass City (Low Ghost Press, 2010), In The Year of Everything Dying (Camel Saloon, 2012), the novel, The Librarian (Six Gallery Press 2013), and the forthcoming collection of poetry, Starting with the Last Name Grochalski (Coleridge Street, 2014). Grochalski currently lives in Brooklyn, New York, where he constantly worries about the high cost of everything.

Contributing Editor - James Browning Kepple
James Browning Kepple is co-founder of the Mustard Bastard Poetry Syndicate, he is also a member of the board of directors for Pretend Genius Press. He is co-poet to Couplet. A native of Bartlesville Oklahoma, he calls Houston Texas his home. After spending the past year traveling through the bogs of Stockholm Sweden and the beauteous gardens of Harlem New York City, he can currently be found driving his red 1990 Corolla somewhere in southwestern Virginia.

Contributing Editor - Lou Lipsitz
Lou Lipsitz is a writer and psychotherapist living in Chapel Hill, NC. His most recent book, SEEKING THE HOOK, is being republished and will soon be available on Amazon as is his first and best known book, COLD WATER. His website is

Contributing Editor - Sam Lloyd
Sam Lloyd is currently an English Major and Writing Minor at Portland State University, due to graduate in Winter 2013. Most of his work thus far has been in the field of literary analysis and criticism, although he is beginning to advance into the field of fiction specifically with regard to short stories. He hopes to become a writer in some capacity, whether as a novelist, a screenwriter, a journalist, or any field that involves creatively expressing truths to people that can affect them for the better.

Contributing Editor - DB Cox
DB Cox is a blues musician/writer from South Carolina. His writing has appeared in Underground Voices, Sein Und Werden, Dogmatika, ThunderSandwich, Dublin Quarterly, Aesthetica, Bonfire, Gator Springs Gazette, Heat City Review, Snow Monkey, Southern Hum, Southern Gothic and others. 

Contributing Editor - Carl Miller Daniels 
Carl Miller Daniels just turned 61 years old. Gorilla Architecture, Daniels' first full-length book, was recently published by Interior Noise Press. It is available from Amazon dot com. Carl and his partner, Jon (aka "the sweetest man in the world"), have lived together for over 30 years. Photos of Daniels, and more of Daniels' poems, are available at My Favorite Bullet:

Contributing Editor - Ivan Jenson
Ivan Jenson has enjoyed unprecedented success publishing his poetry in the US, the UK, Sweden and France and he has received recognition for his bold Pop Art. His Absolut Jenson painting was featured in Art News, Art in America, and he has sold several works at Christie’s, New York. Ivan Jenson is highly sought after for his popular and dynamic live readings on the stage. His poems have appeared in Word Riot, Camroc Press Review, Poetry Super Highway, Alternative Reel Poets Corner, Underground voices magazine, Blazevox, and many others. He now writes novels and poetry in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Contributing Editor - Lyn Lifshin
Lyn Lifshin has written more than 125 books and edited 4 anthologies of women writers. Her poems have appeared in most poetry and literary magazines in the U.S.A, and her work has been included in virtually every major anthology of recent writing by women. Her website is

Contributing Editor - Clint Margrave
Clint Margrave has published work in New York Quarterly, Spot Literary Magazine, 3AM, The Commonline Journal, Pearl, Chiron Review, Heeltap, Spillway, as well as in the anthologies So Luminous the Wildflowers, Incidental Buildings and Accidental Beauty by Tebot Bach Press. Currently, he teaches English and Creative Writing at California State University, Long Beach.

Contributing Editor - Richard J. Martin
Richard J. Martin, Jr. is a graduate of City College of San Francisco and San Francisco State University. His stories, poems and journalism have appeared in numerous magazines, newspapers and literary publications. He currently works as a grant writer for nonprofit human service agencies and as a musician for a local talent company and divides his time between San Francisco and Lakeport, California.

Contributing Editor - M.P. Powers
M.P. Powers is an American ex-pat living in Berlin, Germany. His poetry has appeared in The New York Quarterly, Menacing Hedge, The Foundling Review, Rosebud, Existere, Stone Highway Review and many other fine places. More info here:

Contributing Editor - Joseph Riippi
Joseph Riippi was born in Seattle and lives in New York City, where he is working on his MFA. His first novel, Do Something! Do Something! Do Something!, was published in 2009 by Ampersand Books.

Contributing Editor - Tony O'Neill
Tony O'Neill is the writer of the modern underground classic, "Digging the Vein" which was published in 2006. The story is based upon his own experiences as a heavy drug abuser in LA. At the time he lived the stereotypical heroinists’ life to its edge, but it was also cocaine and several other drugs that got him in this shape.

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