Issue #025 - Summer 2014

Essay & Review 

Caroline Beaton
A Good Non-Catch 

Lala Lopezregis Dandaleiro
Husam Sweilah's "The Springfield Overland Trail" 

Ada Fetters

Monochrome Morality or, a review of Cormack McCarthy's "The Road" 
Review of Nathan Leslie's "Sibs"
What is Wrong With Paulo Coelho's "The Alchemist?" 

Carol Smallwood

Jerry Craven's "The Wild Part"

L. Garvey Thomas



Kristin Agudelo
Flowers of Remembrance (brought to you by the magic of technicolor) 

Wayne Burke

JD DeHart
Wedding Dress Debacle

Carl James Grindley

John Grochalski
ode to a poetry editor 

Ivan Jenson
Au Naturale 

M. E. Lerman
Smoke and Ashes 

Ally Malinenko
Take Off 

Chris Ozog
Words That Save A Thousand Lives

Thomas Piekarski
The Fallen Emperor 

Kim Suttell

Charles F. Thielman
La Lluvia 

Changming Yuan
East Idioms Reinterpreted

  • João de vivre | by Jon Shifrin
  • Daughter Bird Bone Song 2. and 3. | by Michele Pizarro
  • Fein on Wonder | by Robert Wexelblatt
  • Excerpt from The Springfield Overland Trail | by Husam Sweileh
  • What The Purse Possessed | by Michael C. Keith
  • Solving Word Problems | by Bruce Alford
  • Things You Get When Your Parents Die | by Michael C. Keith
  • The Man With No Name | by Chad MacDonald