Issue #030 - Fall 2016

Ada Fetters, Editor


Ada Fetters
(Editor's Note) What Drove Mad Max Crazy?
Review of Wayne F. Burke's Book Dickhead

Rehan Qayoom
Review of Anne Tammel's Endless: A Literary Passion

Bonnie Wilkins Overcott
I Didn't Speak Up


Marc Carver
A Poet's Perspective

J.D. Dehart
Art of the Joke

Suchoon Mo
Yes or No

Sonnet Mondal
My Chained Faith

Adam Middleton-Watts‏
eradicating heat

Wyane F. Burke
Moving Man

Scott Thomas Outlar
Cotton Candy Kiss of Cancer

Ajise Vincent

Ananya S Guha

A.J. Huffman
I Dreamed I Was

M.E. Lerman
All Over but the Shouting

Keith Moul

James Diaz
Poem For The Migrant

Danny P. Barbare
The Janitor Cleans the Window

Scott Sherman‏
Macedonian Nightscape

Melissa Parietti
so gorgeous

Matt Gillick‏
Snow, Me, and a Girl


Stephen Barone‏
The Everlasting Meal and the Disappearance of the Sun

Dami Lare

Michael C. Keith 
Parking Violation 

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Life Eats Life —poetry by Joseph Osel

I DREAM OF LOVING —poetry by Luis Cuauhtémoc Berriozábal

at the 24 hour laundry —poetry by Justin Hyde

Mark of the Beast —poetry by Joseph Osel

Surefire Method —poetry by Dennis Paul Wilken