Issue #030 - Fall 2016

Ada Fetters, Editor


Ada Fetters
(Editor's Note) What Drove Mad Max Crazy?
Review of Wayne F. Burke's Book Dickhead

Rehan Qayoom
Review of Anne Tammel's Endless: A Literary Passion

Bonnie Wilkins Overcott
I Didn't Speak Up


Marc Carver
A Poet's Perspective

J.D. Dehart
Art of the Joke

Suchoon Mo
Yes or No

Sonnet Mondal
My Chained Faith

Adam Middleton-Watts‏
eradicating heat

Wyane F. Burke
Moving Man

Scott Thomas Outlar
Cotton Candy Kiss of Cancer

Ajise Vincent

Ananya S Guha

A.J. Huffman
I Dreamed I Was

M.E. Lerman
All Over but the Shouting

Keith Moul

James Diaz
Poem For The Migrant

Danny P. Barbare
The Janitor Cleans the Window

Scott Sherman‏
Macedonian Nightscape

Melissa Parietti
so gorgeous

Matt Gillick‏
Snow, Me, and a Girl


Stephen Barone‏
The Everlasting Meal and the Disappearance of the Sun

Dami Lare

Michael C. Keith 
Parking Violation