Issue #032 - Spring 2016

Ada Fetters, Editor


Ed Makowski

TS Hildalgo

J. Pharoah Doss
First Impression Response

Ananya S. Guha
erudite thinkers

Ian C. Smith
Sea Rushing in Like a Crowd

Scott Thomas Outlar
Variations on a Theme

Thom Young

S.F. Wright
The Devil's Work

Francis Annagu

Farnood Jahangiri
Accompany Me

Carl Boon
Pelin Went to Spain

Wyane F. Burke

HR Creel

Ivan Jenson
Contact Sport

Michael Edwards
Feudal Lords Raise War Over A Kingdom

Dr. Emory D. Jones
Magic Medicine Show

Holly Day
8 & 10

Andrew Weatherly
They Say

Aaron White
I'm Waiting for a Green Light

Ally Malinenko
Radiation Day 17

Sanchita Chatterjee
The Rain

Monica Simon
If You Asked

Ash Gamble
Formless Voice

Carl "Papa" Palmer
Amana Memories

Irsa Ruçi
Draw a Line!

Joshua Eversfield Jenkins

Chelsi Robichaud

Jake Tringali
This Interview is All Wrong

Francis Annagu

Catfish McDaris
Darren C. Demaree

Helene Macaulay

Fiction / Memoir 

Michael Chin

Scott Rooker

Ian Ambler

May Clare

Penelope S. Hawtrey

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Life Eats Life —poetry by Joseph Osel

I DREAM OF LOVING —poetry by Luis Cuauhtémoc Berriozábal

at the 24 hour laundry —poetry by Justin Hyde

Mark of the Beast —poetry by Joseph Osel

Surefire Method —poetry by Dennis Paul Wilken