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Joseph Osel is a critical theorist, poet and Editor of Imperative Papers. He is the founding Literary Editor of The Commonline Journal, the archivist for Radical Critique and a Contributing Editor for its occasional international auxiliary journal. Osel studied Society, Politics, Behavior & Change at The Evergreen State College and Existential-Phenomenology at Seattle University. Forthcoming books include Catastrophe-In-Miniature: Poetry in Fatal Tense (2017), Savannas (2018) and Revolutionary-Antiracism (2018). Access his complete bibliography-prospectus.

Joseph Osel's work in The Commonline Journal
Life Eats Life (2017, #035)
Primitive Program (2016, #034)
When the Incarcerated Incarcerate Eachother (2016, #034)
Mark of the Beast (2016, #034)
Autos in Tuscaloosa (2010; 2016)
Resurrection Theme (2012, #017)
People Circle Overhead (2009, #014)
A Conversation with Pulitzer Prize Winner Stephen Dunn (2009, #011)
An Interview with Poet Carl Miller Daniels (2009)
The Commonline Journal Questions Def Poet George Watsky (2009)
Interview with Author & Word Riot Editor Jackie Corley (2008, #006)
Interview with Spoken-Word Poet Anis Mojgani (2007, #002)

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