Justin Hyde - Biography & Archive

Justin Hyde is a poet and Literary Editor for The Commonline Journal. He is the former Poetry Editor of Thieves Jargon and the author of the chapbooks Down Where the Hummingbird Goes to Die (2008) and Another Casualty at the 34th St. Bus Stop (2009). His last collection of poems is An Elephant Hole (2014, Interior Noise Press). He lives in Iowa and works with criminals. 

Justin Hyde's work in The Commonline Journal
anatomy (2016, #034)
the married woman (2016, #034)
at the 24 hour laundry (2016, #034)
indian summer scene (2016, #034)
the eighty-six year old sex-offender (2011)
last note (2011)
walnuts (2010)
3 Poems: the syncopated rhythm of stone / when are you going to hit me? / people (2008)
2 Poems: the innocents / for the record (2007)
2 Poems: at a red light in saint louis / the other 10 percent (2007)
2 Poems: i figured he was gone for good / wife's cousin (2007)
2 Poems: be careful with hispanic women in bars / what'd you learn in college? (2007)
3 Poems: As / i flunked english my junior year of high-school / 6pm med-line at the work release facility (2007)