Established in 2007, The Commonline Journal is an electronic literary journal of accessible poetry and discourse. Originally a hyperzine called "The Commonline Project", the journal was developed in the department of Society, Politics, Behavior & Change at The Evergreen State College as the curriculum of an individual learning contract in interdisciplinary literary theory.

The Commonline Journal acquired its initial reputation by publishing realist poetry by authors emerging through Web 2.0 platforms and the new literary e-zeitgeist. Since inception our practice has been to emphasize low to medium-diction free-verse poetry that is dramatic, graphic, succinct and well-crafted. Henceforth we've continued to publish non-fiction forms that are exoteric and evocative. During the last decade we've published legends from the literary underground, people of letters, the unknown and prestigious award winners. The journal features poetry and editorial from several Literary Editors, writing from dozens of Contributing Editors, and publishes unsolicited manuscripts submitted by the public at large.

The Commonline Journal nominates selected contributors for the Pushcart Prize and Sundress' Best of the Net anthologies. We publishes writing in English by authors worldwide, and receives regular editorial contributions from New York, Los Angeles, Berlin, Seattle, and Iowa. The journal is set in Lato text and free of advertising. The Commonline Journal is archived by the U.S. Library of Congress (ISSN: 2327-364X) and is an imprint of Imperative Papers.

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