The Commonline Journal

'The Deserter' by Boardman Robinson; from The Masses (07/1916)
Established in 2007, The Commonline Journal is an electronic literary journal of accessible literature and criticism.

Originally called The Commonline Project, the journal was developed as an independent literary study under the auspices of the Department of Society, Politics, Behavior, & Change at The Evergreen State College. 

The journal acquired its initial reputation by publishing realist poetry by emerging small press authors. During the last decade, The Commonline Journal Editors have continued to push literature that is exoteric and evocative by authors worldwide.

The Commonline Journal is archived by the U.S. Library of Congress (ISSN: 2327-364X), set in Arial font and published from Seattle, Washington. The Commonline Journal is advertising free. The journal receives regular editorial contributions from New York City, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Vancouver BC, Savannah and Atlanta.

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